Gábor Győri

List of John Benjamins publications for which Gábor Győri plays a role.


The definition for basic level categories relies on perceptual attributes, mostly on the perception of particular shape characteristics (Rosch, 1978). However, as is well known, there are cross-linguistic differences in basic level categorization with regard to the scope of the categories… read more
Standard etymological dictionaries agree that Modern English some, same and their Old English cognate sam- ‘half’ descend from the same etymon. However, while explaining their phonological development from the same proto-form is unproblematic, their divergent meanings make the reconstruction of… read more
It is a common assumption that basic level categories are cognitive units that share perceptual and linguistic characteristics at the same time. They are taken to be perceptual and functional gestalts designated by words that have a special status with regard to lexical development in children and… read more
Győri, Gábor 2000 Semantic change as linguistic interpretation of the worldEvidence for Linguistic Relativity, Niemeier, Susanne and René Dirven † (eds.), pp. 71 ff. | Article
One of the most prominent questions in connection with language evolution is whether the human capacity for language can be related to any capacities found in animals. Evolutionary continuity in anatomical structures involved in language is obvious, but in the case of cognitive capacities and… read more
Győri, Gábor 1994 13. Historical motivation in the linguistic sign and its cognitive originStudies in Language Origins: Volume 3, Wind, Jan, Abraham Jonker, Robin Allott and Leonard Rolfe (eds.), pp. 221 ff. | Article