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The aim of the paper is to add the terms and concepts of synecdochic metonymy (syntonymy) and synecdochic metaphor (syntaphor) to the traditional typology of figures of speech. It is argued that the two additional terms are useful as they cover important intermediate categories of transfers of… read more | Chapter
Bierwiaczonek, Bogusław 2018 Chapter 7. How metonymy motivates constructions: The case of monoclausal if-only P constructions in EnglishConceptual Metonymy: Methodological, theoretical, and descriptive issues, Blanco-Carrión, Olga, Antonio Barcelona and Rossella Pannain (eds.), pp. 185–204
This chapter shows how constructional metonymy, whereby a part Y of a grammatical construction X is used to access the whole construction X, leads to the emergence of new grammatical constructions. Such metonymically motivated constructions are called dependent constructions, as opposed to the… read more | Chapter