Yuri A. Kleiner

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Kleiner, Yuri A. 2018 Another hypothesis concerning the grammar and meaning of Inter eils goticum Advances in Gothic Philology and Linguistics, Holsting, Alexandra and Hans Frede Nielsen † (eds.), pp. 236–248 | Article
In the Germanic part of the epigram, Inter eils goticum scapia matzia ia drincan, preserved in Codex Salmasianus, it seems most reasonable to isolate scapia and gloss it as the 1st person sg. of the verb corresponding to Gothic skapjan ‘make’. Intereilsgoticum scapiamatzia iadrincan Non audet… read more
Kleiner, Yuri A. 2006 Review of Jacobs (2005): Yiddish: A linguistic introductionDiachronica 23:2, pp. 417–425 | Review
Kleiner, Yuri A. and Natalia Svetozarova 2001 Review of Estraikh (1999): Soviet Yiddish. Language Planning and Linguistic DevelopmentStudies in Language 25:2, pp. 361–367 | Review
Kleiner, Yuri A. 1997 The Privileged Position a Quarter Century LaterNOWELE Volume 31/32 (November 1997): Germanic Studies, Goblirsch, Kurt Gustav, Martha Berryman Mayou and Marvin Taylor (eds.), pp. 157–173 | Article