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Subjects Balto-Slavic linguistics | Theoretical literature & literary studies | Translation Studies

Beyond the Ivory Tower: Rethinking translation pedagogy

Edited by Brian James Baer and Geoffrey S. Koby

Subjects Language teaching | Translation Studies


The ideological incommensurability of the worldviews or master narratives represented by the two opposing superpowers during the Cold War and embodied in the image of an impenetrable iron curtain gave particular salience to translation theory while also questioning the very possibility of… read more | Article
Baer, Brian James and Sergey Tyulenev 2019 Chapter 13. The culture(s) of translation in RussiaA World Atlas of Translation, Gambier, Yves and Ubaldo Stecconi (eds.), pp. 287–308
This chapter traces the development of the Russian concept of translation and its relationship to practice across four historical periods, each with its own distinct culture of translation, which shaped the texts selected for translation, who translated them, and how they were translated. These… read more | Chapter
This chapter explores the relationship between politics and translation theory in the evolution of the theoretical positions of two of the most influential “agents of translation” in the postwar years, Roman Jakobson and Vladimir Nabokov. Within the rarefied atmosphere of Cold War America, the… read more | Article
Baer, Brian James and Geoffrey S. Koby 2003 Introduction: Translation pedagogy. The other theoryBeyond the Ivory Tower: Rethinking translation pedagogy, Baer, Brian James and Geoffrey S. Koby (eds.), pp. vii–xv
Koby, Geoffrey S. and Brian James Baer 2003 Task-based instruction and the new technology: Training translators for the modern language industryBeyond the Ivory Tower: Rethinking translation pedagogy, Baer, Brian James and Geoffrey S. Koby (eds.), pp. 211–227