Kathleen Bardovi-Harlig

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Themes in SLA Research. AILA Review, Volume 19

Edited by Kathleen Bardovi-Harlig and Zoltán Dörnyei

[AILA Review, 19] 2006. 132 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics

Pedagogical Norms for Second and Foreign Language Learning and Teaching: Studies in honour of Albert Valdman

Edited by Susan M. Gass, Kathleen Bardovi-Harlig, Sally Magnan Pierce and Joel Walz

[Language Learning & Language Teaching, 5] 2002. vi, 305 pp.
Subjects Language acquisition | Language disorders & speech pathology | Language teaching


This paper reports on the development of an aural multiple-choice discourse completion task (aural MC-DCT) for use with EFL learners for large-scale instructional needs assessment. The original version of the aural MC-DCT and an oral DCT were administered to 134 EFL learners from three… read more
Bardovi-Harlig, Kathleen 2020 Pedagogical linguistics: A view from L2 pragmaticsPedagogical Linguistics 1:1, pp. 44–65 | Article
The positive effects of instruction on the acquisition of second-language pragmatics has been well documented by numerous recent published studies (81 in the 10 years between Rose, 2005, and Bardovi-Harlig, 2015), but we have yet to see a corresponding increase in the teaching of pragmatics in… read more
This paper discusses the issues raised by implementing instruction in language classrooms for the purpose of researching the effects of instruction on second language acquisition. We examine the process of developing and implementing novel corpus-based instruction for the teaching of pragmatic… read more
This chapter reviews the basic tenets and goals of concept-oriented analysis, one type of functional analysis that documents meaning-to-form mapping in interlanguage development. It considers the benefits and challenges of an approach that has meaning, or concept, as its central construct, and… read more
Bardovi-Harlig, Kathleen 2018 Chapter 8. Formulaicity and context in second language pragmaticsLanguage Learning, Discourse and Cognition: Studies in the tradition of Andrea Tyler, Pickering, Lucy and Vyvyan Evans (eds.), pp. 193–211 | Chapter
Pragmatic routines are realized by a range of expressions at different points on the formulaicity scale, meaning that some expressions are more set than others. This chapter draws on acquisition research to highlight the types of pragmatic knowledge that underpin successful use and emerging use of… read more
Bardovi-Harlig, Kathleen 2017 Beyond individual form-meaning associations in L2 Tense-Mood-Aspect researchTense-Aspect-Modality in a Second Language: Contemporary perspectives, Howard, Martin and Pascale Leclercq (eds.), pp. 27–52 | Article
This paper explores steps we might take as researchers to shift our focus from individual tense-aspect form-meaning associations to focus increasingly on how tense-aspect form-meaning associations fit together to form L2 tense-aspect systems and how they may be aided or constrained by the… read more
Bardovi-Harlig, Kathleen 2014 Chapter 6. Documenting interlanguage developmentInterlanguage: Forty years later, Han, ZhaoHong and Elaine Tarone (eds.), pp. 127–146 | Chapter
This chapter illustrates Selinker’s (1972) claim that interlanguage is a linguistic system in its own right by examining research in three different areas of L2 development: interlanguage temporality, L2 pragmatics, and conventional expressions. The chapter begins with a review of functional… read more
Bardovi-Harlig, Kathleen 2012 Chapter 5. Variation in the pragmatic use of conventional expressionsPragmatic Variation in First and Second Language Contexts: Methodological issues, Félix-Brasdefer, J. César and Dale Koike (eds.), pp. 141–174 | Article
This chapter investigates variation in the use of conventional expressions as a pragmatic resource for realizing speech acts (the actional level of Barron & Schneider 2009). From the perspective of pragmatics, studying variation in the use of conventional expressions shows that some speech acts and… read more
Bardovi-Harlig, Kathleen 2006 Interlanguage Development: Main Routes and Individual PathsThemes in SLA Research, Bardovi-Harlig, Kathleen and Zoltán Dörnyei (eds.), pp. 69–82 | Article
The study of language development in second language acquisition naturally leads to information about linguistic processes of second language acquisition, but it also sheds light on learners’ individual differences. This article examines the acquisition of the future in L2 English and explores how… read more
Bardovi-Harlig, Kathleen and Zoltán Dörnyei 2006 Introduction to the Special Issue on Themes in SLA ResearchThemes in SLA Research, Bardovi-Harlig, Kathleen and Zoltán Dörnyei (eds.), pp. 1–2 | Article
Bardovi-Harlig, Kathleen 2004 Monopolizing the future: How the go-future breaks into will's territory and what it tells us about SLAEUROSLA Yearbook: Volume 4 (2004), Foster-Cohen, Susan H., Michael Sharwood Smith, Antonella Sorace and Mitsuhiko Ota (eds.), pp. 177–201 | Article
Bardovi-Harlig, Kathleen 2002 5. Analyzing aspectThe L2 Acquisition of Tense–Aspect Morphology, Salaberry, M. Rafael and Yasuhiro Shirai (eds.), pp. 129 ff. | Chapter
Bardovi-Harlig, Kathleen and Susan M. Gass 2002 IntroductionPedagogical Norms for Second and Foreign Language Learning and Teaching: Studies in honour of Albert Valdman, Gass, Susan M., Kathleen Bardovi-Harlig, Sally Magnan Pierce and Joel Walz (eds.), pp. 1–12 | Article
Harlig, Jeffrey and Kathleen Bardovi-Harlig 1988 Accentuation typology, word order and theme-rheme structureStudies in Syntactic Typology, Hammond, Michael, Edith A. Moravcsik and Jessica Wirth (eds.), pp. 125 ff. | Article