Laurence White

List of John Benjamins publications for which Laurence White plays a role.


White, Laurence, Elinor Payne and Sven L. Mattys 2009 Rhythmic and prosodic contrast in Venetan and Sicilian ItalianPhonetics and Phonology: Interactions and interrelations, Vigário, Marina, Sónia Frota and M. João Freitas (eds.), pp. 137–158 | Article
We compared the Italian of speakers from the Veneto, in the north of Italy, and from Sicily, in the far south, looking for evidence of rhythmic and prosodic differences. We found no reliable differences in scores for rhythm metrics (VarcoV, %V, VarcoC) for Venetan and Sicilian, with both varieties… read more
White, Laurence and Sven L. Mattys 2007 Rhythmic typology and variation in first and second languagesSegmental and prosodic issues in Romance phonology, Prieto, Pilar, Joan Mascaró and Maria-Josep Solé (eds.), pp. 237–257 | Article
This paper explores the concept of linguistic rhythm classes through a series of studies exploiting metrics designed to quantify speech rhythm. We compared the rhythm of ‘syllable-timed’ French and Spanish with that of ‘stress-timed’ Dutch and English, finding that rate-normalised metrics of… read more