David P. Corina

List of John Benjamins publications for which David P. Corina plays a role.


Little is known about how individual signs that occur in naturally produced signed languages are recognized. Here we examine whether sign understanding may be grounded in sensorimotor properties by evaluating a signer’s ability to make lexical decisions to American Sign Language (ASL) signs that… read more
Grosvald, Michael and David P. Corina 2012 The production and perception of sub-phonemic vowel contrasts and the role of the listener in sound changeThe Initiation of Sound Change: Perception, production, and social factors, Solé, Maria-Josep and Daniel Recasens (eds.), pp. 77–100 | Article
In his work on the role of the listener in language change, Ohala (1981) suggests that acoustic byproducts of physiological linguistic processes may sometimes be perceived by listeners as linguistically important information, creating a cycle which may ultimately lead to language change. To explore… read more
This paper describes a cross-modality investigation of the perception of long-distance coarticulation. We present the results of a sign study investigating anticipatory location-to-location (LL) effects in American Sign Language (ASL), and compare these findings with results of analogous research… read more
Corina, David P. 1994 The Induction of Prosodic Constraints: Implications for Phonological Theory and Mental RepresentationThe Reality of Linguistic Rules, Lima, Susan D., Roberta Corrigan and Gregory Iverson, pp. 115 ff. | Article
Corina, David P. and Jyotsna Vaid 1994 Lateralization for shadowing words versus signs: A study of ASL-English interpretersBridging the Gap: Empirical research in simultaneous interpretation, Lambert, Sylvie and Barbara Moser-Mercer (eds.), pp. 237 ff. | Article