Margarita Alonso-Ramos

Margarita Alonso-Ramos

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Subjects Applied linguistics | Corpus linguistics | Language acquisition | Language teaching | Romance linguistics


Garcia, Marcos, Marcos García-Salido and Margarita Alonso-Ramos. 2019. Discovering bilingual collocations in parallel corpora: A first attempt at using distributional semantics. Parallel Corpora for Contrastive and Translation Studies: New resources and applications, Doval, Irene and M. Teresa Sánchez Nieto (eds.), pp. 267–279
This chapter presents a method that exploits parallel corpora to automatically extract bilingual collocation equivalents. First, we use dependency parsing and statistical measures to identify collocation candidates in corpora. Then, we leverage the parallel corpora to extract bilingual… read more | Chapter
This chapter presents a state-of-the-art overview of Spanish learner corpus research (SLCR). It starts by emphasizing the uniqueness of a monograph focusing on research dealing with learners of a language other than English. The next section is concerned with the status of Spanish as a foreign… read more | Article
Vincze, Orsolya, Marcos García-Salido, Ana Orol and Margarita Alonso-Ramos. 2016. A corpus study of Spanish as a Foreign Language learners’ collocation production. Spanish Learner Corpus Research: Current trends and future perspectives, Alonso-Ramos, Margarita (ed.), pp. 299–331
We carried out a learner corpus study with the aim of exploring Spanish as a Foreign Language learners’ collocation production. The study involved the manual annotation of collocations in a portion of the CEDEL2 corpus using a typology specific to learner collocation errors. The quantitative… read more | Article
Vincze, Orsolya and Margarita Alonso-Ramos. 2014. A proposal for a multilevel linguistic representation of Spanish personal names. Dependency Linguistics: Recent advances in linguistic theory using dependency structures, Gerdes, Kim, Eva Hajičová and Leo Wanner (eds.), pp. 119–140
This paper proposes a multilevel representation of personal names, which makes a clear distinction between ontological information, described in a person database, and different levels of linguistic representation of personal names. Adopting the linguistic model and formalisms provided within the… read more | Article
Alonso-Ramos, Margarita. 2001. Détermination, incorporation et phraséologie dans les constructions à verbe support. Détermination et Formalisation, Blanco, Xavier, Pierre-André Buvet et Zoé Gavriilidou (dir.), pp. 51 ff.
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In this paper, we show that the Lexical Functions (LFs) of the Explanatory Combinatorial Dictionary are well suited for addressing some lexical questions in textual cohesion. We first describe LFs and divide them into two subsets: paradigmatic LFs and syntagmatic LFs. We show how paradigmatic LFs… read more | Article
Alonso-Ramos, Margarita. 1991. Verbes Supports et Fonctions Lexicales. Lingvisticæ Investigationes 15:1, pp. 203–223