Li Pan

List of John Benjamins publications for which Li Pan plays a role.


Pan, Li and Huang Chuxin 2019 Martin Montgomery. Language, Media and Culture: The Key ConceptsBabel 65:3, pp. 465–470 | Review
Liao, Sixin and Li Pan 2018 Interpreter mediation at political press conferences: A narrative accountInterpreting 20:2, pp. 188–203 | Article
Political press conferences, while playing a significant role in international communication by heads of state and government, are still largely underexplored in interpreting studies. More scholarly attention is needed, particularly to examine the interpreter’s mediating role in these uniquely… read more
This article investigates the Chinese translations of several English news reports on China’s human rights issue carried in Reference News, a Chinese authoritative state-run newspaper devoted to translating foreign reports for the Chinese reader, and aims to establish how evaluative resources are… read more