Jan Piet Verckens

List of John Benjamins publications for which Jan Piet Verckens plays a role.


Information and Document Design: Varieties on Recent Research

Edited by Saul Carliner, Jan Piet Verckens and Cathy de Waele

[Document Design Companion Series, 7] 2006. xi, 252 pp.
Subjects Communication Studies | Pragmatics | Writing and literacy


Verckens, Jan Piet 2004 ChallengesInformation Design Journal 12:1, pp. 78–80 | Miscellaneous
Verckens, Jan Piet 2003 Leave your ivory tower and manage your knowledge: Research watchDocument Design 4:2, pp. 184–186 | Miscellaneous
The last issue of the 16th volume of the Management Communication Quarterly presented a forum on ‘Communication and Corporate Social Responsibility.’ This forum – coincidentally or otherwise – blazed the way for the first issue of the 17th volume which is dedicated to corporate meltdown, the 2002… read more
Verckens, Jan Piet 2003 A harvest of very different cropsDocument Design 4:1, pp. 98–100 | Miscellaneous
Verckens, Jan Piet 2002 Review of Cooren (2000): Document Design 3:2, pp. 188–192 | Review
Verckens, Jan Piet, Ken Davis and Antoon De Rycker 1998 The experience of sameness in differences: A course in international business writingThe Cultural Context in Business Communication, Niemeier, Susanne, Charles P. Campbell and René Dirven † (eds.), pp. 247 ff. | Article