Špela Vintar

List of John Benjamins publications for which Špela Vintar plays a role.



We describe the creation of a knowledge base in the field of karstology using the frame-based approach. Apart from providing a new multilingual resource using manually annotated definitions as the source of structured information, the main focus is on exploring text mining methods to identify… read more
The paper describes LUIZ, a bilingual term recognition system that has been developed for the Slovene-English language pair. The system is a hybrid term extractor using morphosyntactic patterns and statistical ranking to propose domain-specific expressions for each of the two languages, whereupon… read more
Vintar, Špela 2001 Using Parallel Corpora for Translation-Oriented Term ExtractionBabel 47:2, pp. 121–132 | Article
In many scientific, technological or political fields terminology and the production of up-to-date reference works is lagging behind, which causes problems to translators and results in inconsistent translations. Parallel corpora of texts already translated can be used as a resource for automatic… read more