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Kun Yang

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This paper aims to explore the generalization of address terms in online discourse, a largely unheeded pragmatic phenomenon. Taking the generalized Chinese kinship term “son” (érzi) as an example, it analyzes its referents and functions. The analysis was based on a sizable data set collected… read more | Article
Yang, Kun, Jinqiu Guo and Xu Wen. 2021. Eating we live by. Cognitive Linguistic Studies 8:1, pp. 204–233
eating plays a pivotal role in Chinese culture as echoed in the saying mín yǐ shí wéi tiān “Eating is everything for people”. In Chinese, a multitude of expressions related to eating are metaphorically used to talk about aspects of living and we call them “eating metaphors”. eating metaphors… read more | Article
Wen, Xu, Kun Yang and Fangtao Kuang. 2014. Cognitive Linguistics: Retrospect and prospect. Cognitive Linguistic Studies 1:2, pp. 155–170
As a new paradigm of linguistics, Cognitive Linguistics has made great achievements over the past 30 years or so. In order to make the latest trends of Cognitive Linguistic research known, this paper presents the outstanding achievements and prominent characteristics of Cognitive Linguistics in… read more | Article
Yang, Kun and Lincai Kuang. 2023. Review of Brdar & Brdar-Szabó (2022): Figurative Thought and Language in Action. Current challenges in metaphor research, Julich-Warpakowski, Nina and Paula Pérez-Sobrino (eds.), pp. 141–146