Yury Lander

List of John Benjamins publications for which Yury Lander plays a role.


The paper presents a description and an analysis of the nominal complex, a peculiar construction which includes a noun and its modifiers, in West Circassian, a polysynthetic language of the Northwest Caucasian family. The nominal complex shows properties of a single word and tends to follow the… read more
Lander, Yury and Alexander Letuchiy 2017 Valency-decreasing operations in a valency-increasing language?Verb Valency Changes: Theoretical and typological perspectives, Álvarez González, Albert and Ia Navarro (eds.), pp. 286–304 | Chapter
This paper surveys valency-changing operations in West Circassian (Adyghe), a polysynthetic language of the Northwest Caucasian family. This language has an amazing number of means to increase valency, which include various kinds of applicativization and causativization. In this paper we also… read more
Ganenkov, Dmitry, Yury Lander and Timur A. Maisak 2010 From interrogatives to placeholders in Udi and Agul spontaneous narrativesFillers, Pauses and Placeholders, Amiridze, Nino, Boyd Davis and Margaret Maclagan (eds.), pp. 95–118 | Article
The paper describes the form and behavior of placeholders in Udi and Agul, two languages belonging to the Lezgic branch of the Northeast Caucasian family. The placeholders found in these languages show clear similarity despite the fact that they developed independently. In both languages, nominal… read more
Lander, Yury 2005 How to do things with primesStudies in Language 29:2, pp. 463–476 | Article