Franck Lebas

List of John Benjamins publications for which Franck Lebas plays a role.


Cadiot, Pierre and Franck Lebas 2008 Pragmatics of prepositions: A study of the French connectives pour le coup and du coupAdpositions: Pragmatic, semantic and syntactic perspectives, Kurzon, Dennis and Silvia Adler (eds.), pp. 115–132 | Article
Prepositions are rarely described in terms of their pragmatic potential. Yet, some prepositions help build connective locutions, and we show that their general value may then contribute directly to the pragmatics of these locutions. The French complex connective pour le coup − translated as a blend… read more
Cadiot, Pierre, Franck Lebas and Yves-Marie Visetti 2006 The semantics of motion verbs: Action, space, and qualiaSpace in Languages: Linguistic Systems and Cognitive Categories, Hickmann, Maya † and Stéphane Robert (eds.), pp. 175–206 | Article