Martin Walkow

List of John Benjamins publications for which Martin Walkow plays a role.


Much recent work investigates the role of syntax in regulating the distribution of φ-morphology (person, number and gender) in the nominal and clausal domains. Two main ideas are that the syntactic structure that introduces φ-categories in the two domains shows some degree of parallelism and that… read more
Person based restrictions on clitic combinations serve as testing grounds for theories of syntactic locality and the means of avoiding them as windows into last resort mechanisms. Clitic restrictions in the verbal domain in Classical Arabic can be derived by Cyclic AGREE, rather than (defective)… read more
Several Romance languages show restrictions on combinations of third person direct and indirect object clitics (Bonet 1995) and combinations of such clitics involving local person direct objects (the Person Case Constraint (PCC), Bonet 1991, 1994). The former have received morphological analyses,… read more