Sara Cotterall

List of John Benjamins publications for which Sara Cotterall plays a role.


Cotterall, Sara and David Crabbe 2008 Learners talking: From problem to solutionLearner and Teacher Autonomy: Concepts, realities, and response, Lamb, Terry and Hayo Reinders (eds.), pp. 125–140 | Article
To understand the relationship between teacher and learner autonomy, we propose that three areas of enquiry should be undertaken. The first is to understand better the kind of goals and constraints with which learners operate in particular teaching-learning contexts and the consequent strategic… read more
Independent language learning is an essential complement to classroom-based learning, both for reasons of efficiency in learning and as a means to develop learner autonomy. In an effort to encourage out-of-class learning, many institutions in the last ten years have established language resource… read more
The literature on autonomous learning indicates that role is a critical dimension in implementing learner autonomy. This paper examines the roles adopted by learners and teachers in language learning settings where the objective of promoting learner autonomy has been adopted. It does this first by… read more
Strategy training appears to be a promising means of assisting second language learners. However, strategy training operates within a context. If factors in that context are not considered, the training will not be successful. This paper discusses a number of insights highlighted by a reading… read more