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Greek mythology developed ideas about the mythical birth of Athena from the head of Zeus in enigmatic allusions. Hephaestus performed the obstetrics. This cryptic mythologem, an imaginative structure of strange shape, contains a message from archaic Greece of unfathomable depth and furthermore… read more
The first part of this essay analyses the beginning of the philosophy of the brain in early Greece by looking at the Pythagorean theories of the brain. The knowledge of this innovative achievement of the Pythagorean school was never completely lost; it also got through to the Middle Ages. The… read more
a. Angeregt von den Hinweisen aus dem armenischen Kloster in St. Lazzaro (Venedig) (seit 1825), bemerkten einige, auf die kaukasischen Hochkulturen spezialisierte europäische Orientalisten, die Rezeption der proklischen Philosophie in Armenien. 1874, nach fast fünfzig Jahren Forschungsarbeit,… read more
It is a great loss to philosophy that Heraclitus’s writing was lost in antiquity, for the surviving fragments rarely contain more than one sentence. Often, they are succinct but concise statements that contain little text. So, when one succeeds in augmenting important fragments with a few words… read more
At the centre of the philosophical tradition of Armenia is a thinker who in the Western tradition carries the Latin names ‘David Armenius philosophus’ or ‘David invincibilis’. Today, international philosophical-historical research is increasingly concerned with the enigmatic corpus of the works… read more
Jeck, Udo Reinhold 2018 D avid A nhacht , Kommentar zu Aristoteles’ AnalytikBochumer Philosophisches Jahrbuch für Antike und Mittelalter: Band 21, Baumbach, Manuel und Olaf Pluta (Hrsg.), pp. 237–246 | Review
In early modernity, church historians initially showed little interest in Berthold of Moosburg. They knew him as a commentator of Proclus, but they did not recognise his importance for the history of Neoplatonism. The librarians and bibliographers who came across Berthold’s commentary on Proclus… read more
Jeck, Udo Reinhold 2015 Burkhard Mojsisch (1944-2015)Bochumer Philosophisches Jahrbuch für Antike und Mittelalter: Band 18, Baumbach, Manuel, Burkhard Mojsisch und Olaf Pluta (Hrsg.), pp. 211–217 | Article
In 1825, Johann Theodor Voemel published Nicholas of Methone’s (12th century) Refutatio institutionis theologicae Procli Platonici. Thus, for the first time an important document of Byzantine philosophy became accessible to researchers, which also allowed important insights into the medieval… read more
Jeck, Udo Reinhold 2005 Hat Kant eine philosophie Gehirntheorie?Die Aktualität der Philosophie Kants: Bochumer Ringvorlesung Sommersemester 2004, Schmidt, Kirsten, Klaus Steigleder und Burkhard Mojsisch (Hrsg.), pp. 105–135 | Article
Jeck, Udo Reinhold 2001 Miraculum calcis. Eine naturphilosophische Paradoxie bei AugustinUmbrüche: Historische Wendepunkte der Philosophie von der Antike bis zur Neuzeit, Kahnert, Klaus und Burkhard Mojsisch (Hrsg.), pp. 33 ff. | Article
Jeck, Udo Reinhold 1998 Review of Oresme, Caroti & Verlagsbuchhandlung (1996): Bochumer Philosophisches Jahrbuch für Antike und Mittelalter: Band 3. 1998, Mojsisch, Burkhard, Olaf Pluta und Rudolf Rehn (Hrsg.), pp. 245–248 | Review
Abstract Heidegger's many observations about the philosophical thought of the Middle Ages, while often controversial, are deserving of attention. One of the lesser-known of these observations reflects his interest in hermetic philosophy, as found in his posthumously published treatise Die… read more