György Rákosi

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Approaches to Hungarian: Volume 12: Papers from the 2009 Debrecen Conference

Edited by Tibor Laczkó and Catherine O. Ringen

[Approaches to Hungarian, 12] 2011. x, 242 pp.
Subjects Generative linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics | Uralic languages


That noun phrases may constitute a binding domain is a key component among the parallelisms between the syntax of noun phrases and clauses. Reuland (2007, 2011) and Despić (2011, 2015) have shown recently that the definite article plays a crucial role in delimiting this domain, since dedicated… read more
Rákosi, György 2015 Psych verbs, anaphors and the configurationality issue in HungarianApproaches to Hungarian: Volume 14: Papers from the 2013 Piliscsaba Conference, Kiss, Katalin É., Balázs Surányi and Éva Dékány (eds.), pp. 245–265 | Article
The paper brings evidence that stative object experiencer verbs (aggaszt ‘worries’) and dative experiencer verbs (tetszik ‘appeals to’) are two-place unaccusatives in Hungarian, and it argues for a free merger account of the two internal arguments of these psychological verbs. It discusses binding… read more
Rákosi, György 2014 Chapter 7. A case of disagreement: On plural reduplicating particles in HungarianThe Evidential Basis of Linguistic Argumentation, Kertész, András and Csilla Rákosi (eds.), pp. 179–198 | Article
The chapter discusses the so-called Hungarian reduplicating particle verb construction that has generated some interest in the pertinent generative literature on Hungarian. This literature is divided over whether reduplicating particles can bear plural morphology in the presence of a third person… read more
Laczkó, Tibor and György Rákosi 2013 Remarks on a novel LFG approach to spatial particle verb constructions in HungarianApproaches to Hungarian: Volume 13: Papers from the 2011 Lund conference, Brandtler, Johan, Valéria Molnár and Christer Platzack (eds.), pp. 149–178 | Article
In the paper, first we present the essence of our recent analysis of Hungarian particle verb constructions. The main goal of the paper is to explore the nature, consequences and ramifications of this approach in a detailed comparison with certain salient previous accounts which are directly… read more
Rákosi, György 2009 Ablative causes in HungarianApproaches to Hungarian: Volume 11: Papers from the 2007 New York Conference, Dikken, Marcel den and Robert M. Vago (eds.), pp. 167–196 | Article
In this paper, I discuss the grammar of ablative causes in Hungarian, and the ensuing ramifications for the general treatment of cause PPs in anticausative constructions. I argue that ablative causes are more diverse than they are generally assumed to be. In particular, a distinction must be made… read more