Chunyu Kit

Chunyu Kit

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Lexical semantics towards the big-data era

Edited by Meichun Liu and Chunyu Kit

Special issue of Chinese Language and Discourse 14:1 (2023) v, 207 pp.


This article presents a corpus-based distributional analysis of the usage patterns of a cluster of words and compounds containing the morpheme qià (恰) ‘just, exactly’, by the aid of an extended concordancer to retrieve representative collocations from their adjacent contexts in Chinese Gigaword.… read more | Article
Terminology as a set of concept carriers crystallizes our special knowledge about a subject. Automatic term recognition (ATR) plays a critical role in the processing and management of various kinds of information, knowledge and documents, e.g., knowledge acquisition via text mining. Measuring… read more | Article
Kit, Chunyu, Jonathan J. Webster, King-Kui Sin, Haihua Pan and Heng Li. 2004. Clause alignment for Hong Kong legal texts: A lexical-based approach. International Journal of Corpus Linguistics 9:1, pp. 29–51
In this paper we report on our recent work in clause alignment for English-Chinese bilingual legal texts using available lexical resources including a bilingual legal glossary and a bilingual dictionary, for the purpose of acquiring examples at various linguistic levels for example-based machine… read more | Article