Tamás Eitler

List of John Benjamins publications for which Tamás Eitler plays a role.


Eitler, Tamás and Gábor Vadász 2021 Chapter 13. Language contact and competition in the periphrastic perfect in Early EnglishThe Perfect Volume: Papers on the perfect, Eide, Kristin Melum and Marc Fryd (eds.), pp. 319–342 | Chapter
Based on data drawn from the computerised Helsinki Corpus, the paper investigates the extent to which the use of competing English perfective auxiliaries was influenced by language contact with Old Norse in the Late Old English period. It is shown that as in the Danelaw areas the have-perfect… read more
Eitler, Tamás and Marit Westergaard 2014 Word order variation in late Middle English: The effect of information structure and audience designInformation Structure and Syntactic Change in Germanic and Romance Languages, Bech, Kristin and Kristine Gunn Eide (eds.), pp. 203–232 | Article
This paper discusses the considerable word order variation that existed at the end of the Middle English period, by studying four prose texts written by the same author, John Capgrave. The data are investigated in terms of information structure, and we identify the effect of three different… read more