Elisabeth Wesseling

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Subjects Theoretical literature & literary studies


Wesseling, Elisabeth. 2023. Chapter 2. Transcorporeality in 21st-century mermaid tales. Children's Cultures after Childhood, Deszcz-Tryhubczak, Justyna and Macarena García-González (eds.), pp. 20–34
This chapter takes its cue from the dominant presence of the mermaid trope in 21st-century media culture. It opens with a sampling of contemporary mermaid figurations, which are driven by the desire to break out of the Romantic paradigm as shaped by Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid… read more | Chapter
Wesseling, Elisabeth. 1997. 3.1.3 Historical Fiction: Utopia in History. International Postmodernism: Theory and literary practice, Bertens, Hans and Douwe W. Fokkema † (eds.), pp. 203 ff.
Wesseling, Elisabeth. 1996. Holier Than Thou: Literature, Science and the Empirical Turn. The Search for a New Alphabet: Literary studies in a changing world, Hendrix, Harald, Joost J. Kloek, Sophie Levie and Willie van Peer (eds.), pp. 301 ff.