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Temporality in Interaction

Edited by Arnulf Deppermann and Susanne Günthner

Subjects Pragmatics | Semantics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics

Culture in Communication: Analyses of intercultural situations

Edited by Aldo Di Luzio, Susanne Günthner and Franca Orletti

[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 81] 2001. xvi, 341 pp.
Subjects Pragmatics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


This article explores physicians’ uses of “honestly” wenn (‘if’)-clauses in German palliative care interactions. In “stretching the old linguistics to meet the challenge of talk-in-interaction” (Schegloff 1996: 114), the study aims to further our understanding of how routinized communicative… read more
Referring to persons in interaction is a central human practice (Enfield 2007: 97), which is located at an intersection where cultural, linguistic, and interactional conventions meet (Levinson 2005: 433). In this paper, I will analyse practices of “third person reference forms” used by… read more
This paper studies practices of relationship building between oncologists and their patients during consultations when a diagnosis of malignancy is communicated. The analysis – with its focus on physicians’ uses of terms of address – aims to provide a better understanding of the sequential… read more
The German second person personal pronoun du is commonly described as a deictic “shifter” or a T-address term, which is incorporated as an argument of a predicate. Exploring the ways in which participants use pronouns in everyday interaction, however, shows that these are not the only uses of du. read more
Traditionally, conditional wenn-clauses in German are treated as subordinate clauses, either preceding or following their matrix clauses. My data – based on naturally occurring German talk-in-interaction from various settings – show that participants in everyday interactions use various types of… read more
Deppermann, Arnulf and Susanne Günthner 2015 Introduction: Temporality in interactionTemporality in Interaction, Deppermann, Arnulf and Susanne Günthner (eds.), pp. 1–24 | Article
The authors establish a phenomenological perspective on the temporal constitution of experience and action. Retrospection and projection (i.e. backward as well as forward orientation of everyday action), sequentiality and the sequential organization of activities as well as simultaneity (i.e.… read more
This paper examines und zwar-(‘namely/in fact’)-constructions in terms of their real-time processing in interaction. In using und zwar, speakers orient backwards by linking their current utter­ance to prior ones. At the same time, und zwar functions as a projecting strategy for anticipating… read more
This paper investigates ways in which participants in everyday German narratives construct emotions as social phenomena; i.e. in particular, how they organize and communicate emotional involvement. I will argue that contextualizing emotions and affects permeates various levels of linguistic and… read more
Based on a corpus of conversational German, I will show that the standard view of N be that-constructions (e.g. ‘the thing is/the point is...’) as [matrix clause + subordinated complement clause] cannot be supported by actual data from spoken interactions. Instead of a subordinated complement… read more
Günthner, Susanne 2010 Rush-throughs as social action: Comments on Gareth Walker “The phonetic constitution of a turn-holding practice: Rush-throughs in English talk-in-interaction”Prosody in Interaction, Barth-Weingarten, Dagmar, Elisabeth Reber and Margret Selting (eds.), pp. 73–80 | Article
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Di Luzio, Aldo, Susanne Günthner and Franca Orletti 2001 IntroductionCulture in Communication: Analyses of intercultural situations, Di Luzio, Aldo, Susanne Günthner and Franca Orletti (eds.), pp. vii ff. | Miscellaneous
Günthner, Susanne and Thomas Luckmann 2001 Asymmetries of Knowledge in Intercultural Communication: The Relevance of Cultural Repertoires of Communicative GenresCulture in Communication: Analyses of intercultural situations, Di Luzio, Aldo, Susanne Günthner and Franca Orletti (eds.), pp. 55 ff. | Article
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Günthner, Susanne and Hubert Knoblauch 1995 Culturally patterned speaking practices - the analysis of communicative genresPragmatics 5:1, pp. 1–32 | Article
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