Jill P. Morford

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Gestural Communication in Human and Non-Human Primates

Edited by Dario Maestripieri and Jill P. Morford

Special issue of Evolution of Communication 1:2 (1997) 143 pp.
Subjects Evolution of language


Occhino, Corrine, Benjamin Anible, Erin Wilkinson and Jill P. Morford 2017 Iconicity is in the eye of the beholder: How language experience affects perceived iconicityGesture 16:1, pp. 100–126 | Article
A renewed interest in understanding the role of iconicity in the structure and processing of signed languages is hampered by the conflation of iconicity and transparency in the definition and operationalization of iconicity as a variable. We hypothesize that iconicity is fundamentally different… read more
Adam, Meike, Wiebke Iversen, Erin Willkinson and Jill P. Morford 2007 Meaning on the one and on the other hand: Iconicity in native vs. foreign signed languagesInsistent Images, Tabakowska, Elżbieta, Christina Ljungberg and Olga Fischer (eds.), pp. 211–227 | Article
The present study investigates the effect of language-specific knowledge on iconicity ratings of native and foreign signs. German signers judged the iconicity and similarity of DGS (German Sign Language) and ASL (American Sign Language) signs. We found that iconicity ratings were higher for DGS… read more
Wilcox, Sherman and Jill P. Morford 2007 Empirical methods in signed language researchMethods in Cognitive Linguistics, Gonzalez-Marquez, Monica, Irene Mittelberg, Seana Coulson and Michael J. Spivey (eds.), pp. 171–200 | Article
Morford, Jill P. 2002 13. Why does exposure to language matter?The Evolution of Language out of Pre-language, Givón, T. and Bertram F. Malle (eds.), pp. 329–341 | Chapter
Morford, Jill P. 2002 The expression of motion events in homesignSign Language & Linguistics 5:1, pp. 55–71 | Article
This study examined the Frog Story narratives of two adolescent homesigners in order to investigate whether homesign shares characteristics with ASL in the expression of motion events. Specifically, the study examined whether the homesigners would (1) combine conceptual elements of figure, ground,… read more