Dorothy M. Chun

List of John Benjamins publications for which Dorothy M. Chun plays a role.


Subjects Electronic/Multimedia Products | Language acquisition | Language teaching


Chun, Dorothy M., Yan Jiang, Justine Meyr and Rong Yang 2015 Acquisition of L2 Mandarin Chinese tones with learner-created tone visualizationsJournal of Second Language Pronunciation 1:1, pp. 86–114 | Article
This paper reports on a study of 35 Mandarin Chinese learners who (1) created pitch curves of their spoken word tones and (2) compared their pitch curves with those of native speakers while practicing pronunciation. Following a pretest, the learners received training for 20–25 minutes weekly over… read more
Chun, Dorothy M. 2008 Computer-mediated discourse in instructed environmentsMediating Discourse Online, Magnan Pierce, Sally (ed.), pp. 15–45 | Article
Chun, Dorothy M., Debra M. Hardison and Martha C. Pennington 2008 12. Technologies for prosody in context: Past and future of L2 research and practicePhonology and Second Language Acquisition, Hansen Edwards, Jette G. and Mary L. Zampini (eds.), pp. 323–346 | Article