Evgeniia Khristoforova

List of John Benjamins publications for which Evgeniia Khristoforova plays a role.


Burkova, Svetlana, Evgeniia Khristoforova and Vadim Kimmelman. 2023. Chapter 4. Syntactic functions of nonmanuals in Russian Sign Language. Advances in Sign Language Corpus Linguistics, Wehrmeyer, Ella (ed.), pp. 90–122
This chapter presents the Russian Sign Language (RSL) Corpus and demonstrates its capabilities as a research tool by summarizing three corpus-based studies primarily focused on syntactic functions of nonmanual markers. The first study considers question marking in regular wh-questions and in… read more | Chapter
The present research combines three fields of inquiry in sign language linguistics: verbal agreement, person features, and syntactic complexity. These topics have previously been addressed in isolation, but little is known about their interaction. This study attempts to fill this gap by… read more | Article