Helen Eaton

List of John Benjamins publications for which Helen Eaton plays a role.


Eaton, Helen 2015 Main event line structure and aspect in Sandawe narrativesBeyond Aspect: The expression of discourse functions in African languages, Payne, Doris L. and Shahar Shirtz (eds.), pp. 53–80 | Article
Sandawe (isolate, Tanzania) does not have a specific verb form which fulfils the function of advancing the main event line in a narrative, nor does it have a set of dedicated aspect morphemes. Despite this, the language makes use of aspect distinctions in structuring the main event line, both by… read more
This article considers data from the Sandawe language (Khoisan, Tanzania) and discusses how information structure is marked in the language. Previous research on Sandawe has mainly been restricted to sentence-level investigations, with discourse being largely ignored. The research presented in this… read more