Phillip Hamrick

List of John Benjamins publications for which Phillip Hamrick plays a role.


The bulk of second language (L2) vocabulary learning happens incidentally through reading (Rott, 2007; Webb, 2008), but individual differences, such as prior knowledge, modulate the efficacy of such incidental learning. One individual difference that is strongly predicted to play a role in L2… read more | Article
Simarro Vázquez, María, Nabiha El Khatib, Phillip Hamrick and Salvatore Attardo. 2021. On the order of processing of humorous tweets with visual and verbal elements. Pragmatics, Humour and the Internet, Yus, Francisco (ed.), pp. 150–175
In this paper we examine the order of processing of multimodal tweets (text + image). Using an eye tracker, we collected a sample of 36 participants reading 25 humorous tweets. Our conclusions show that the processing of multimodal humorous tweets is in line with the processing of other multimodal… read more | Article
Hamrick, Phillip, Carine Graff and Brittany Finch. 2019. Contributions of episodic memory to novel word learning. The Mental Lexicon 14:3, pp. 381–398
Multiple theories predict that word learning is intimately linked to episodic memory, at least in the early phases of learning. However, it is unclear to what degree this link reflects more domain-specific (i.e., those dedicated to language or the lexicon) or more domain-general episodic memory… read more | Article
Ziegler, Nicole, Corinne A. Seals, Steffi Ammons, Julie Lake, Phillip Hamrick and Patrick Rebuschat. 2013. 14. Interaction in conversation groups: The development of L2 conversational styles. Second Language Interaction in Diverse Educational Contexts, McDonough, Kim and Alison Mackey (eds.), pp. 269–292
This exploratory study examines the potential learning opportunities of interactions in the naturalistic setting of a German conversation group. Eleven intermediate L2 German learners participated in weekly conversation groups, which were recorded and then transcribed. In addition, information… read more | Chapter