Liesbeth Mortier

List of John Benjamins publications for which Liesbeth Mortier plays a role.


This paper deals with the semantics of two discourse markers, viz. French en fait (“in fact”) and Dutch eigenlijk (“actually”), commonly associated with the expression of “opposition” and “reformulation”. A special focus lies on methodological issues in the description of such markers, since their… read more
This paper tackles the concepts of ‘Variation’ and ‘Specialization’, frequently used in grammaticalization theory, within the context of progressive aspectual periphrases and from a comparative perspective French-Dutch. Drawing on historical and contemporary data, it is shown that these… read more
Mortier, Liesbeth 2005 Les périphrases aspectuelles ‘progressives’ en français et en néerlandais: présentation et voies de grammaticalisationLes Périphrases Verbales, Bat-Zeev Shyldkrot, Hava et Nicole Le Querler (dir.), pp. 67–82 | Article