Zhiguo Xie

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Degrees and Grammar: An East Asian Perspective

Edited by Qiongpeng Luo, Zhiguo Xie and Xiao Li

Special issue of Language and Linguistics 24:1 (2023) v, 181 pp.
Subjects Altaic languages | Austro-Asian languages | Austronesian languages | Sino-Tibetan languages | Theoretical linguistics


Luo, Qiongpeng, Zhiguo Xie and Xiao Li. 2023. Degrees and grammar: An East Asian perspective. Degrees and Grammar: An East Asian Perspective, Luo, Qiongpeng, Zhiguo Xie and Xiao Li (eds.), pp. 5–35
In this article, we discuss some fundamental issues as well as several unresolved questions of degree-based theories in contemporary linguistics from the perspective of East Asian languages, with a view to pointing out some directions for future research. We first focus on several controversies… read more | Article
In this paper, we provide an empirical description and a theoretical analysis of the adverbial use of hǎo ‘(lit.) good’, lǎo ‘(lit.) old’, and guài ‘(lit.) strange’ in Mandarin Chinese. The three adverbs represent a small yet theoretically interesting class of lexical items. Because they… read more | Article