Onno A. Crasborn

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Identifying sentences in signed languages

Edited by Onno A. Crasborn

Special issue of Sign Language & Linguistics 10:2 (2007) 140 pp.
Subjects Signed languages | Theoretical linguistics

Simultaneity in Signed Languages: Form and function

Edited by Myriam Vermeerbergen, Lorraine Leeson and Onno A. Crasborn

[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 281] 2007. viii, 360 pp. (incl. CD-Rom)
Subjects Electronic/Multimedia Products | Signed languages | Theoretical linguistics | Typology


Kooij, Els van der, Inge Zwitserlood and Onno A. Crasborn 2023 Strategies for new word formation in NGT: A case for simultaneous morphologySign Language & Linguistics 26:2, pp. 176–217 | Article
How do new words arise in a sign language? We present an empirical study of newly formed words in Sign Language of the Netherlands (NGT). Five signers were asked to create new forms for known concepts for which word forms exist in NGT. Participants used sequential strategies for word formation,… read more
Zwitserlood, Inge, Els van der Kooij and Onno A. Crasborn 2023 Units of sub-sign meaning in NGT: A toolbox for sub-sign meaning in a lexical databaseSign Language & Linguistics 26:2, pp. 276–322 | Article
This paper provides an overview of all the meaningful sub-sign form units (form-meaning units; FMUs) in lexical signs in Sign Language of the Netherlands (NGT). We investigated the potential meaning of all form features that were previously established in analyses of NGT form by analyzing their… read more
Mudd, Katie, Hannah Lutzenberger, Connie de Vos, Paula Fikkert, Onno A. Crasborn and Bart de Boer 2020 The effect of sociolinguistic factors on variation in the Kata Kolok lexiconMacro and micro-social variation in Asia-Pacific sign languages, Palfreyman, Nick (ed.), pp. 53–88 | Article
Abstract (International Sign) Sign languages can be categorized as shared sign languages or deaf community sign languages, depending on the context in which they emerge. It has been suggested that shared sign languages exhibit more variation in the expression of everyday concepts than deaf… read more
Crasborn, Onno A. 2016 PhoneticsThe Linguistics of Sign Languages: An introduction, Baker, Anne E., Beppie van den Bogaerde, Roland Pfau and Trude Schermer (eds.), pp. 229–249 | Article
Kooij, Els van der and Onno A. Crasborn 2016 PhonologyThe Linguistics of Sign Languages: An introduction, Baker, Anne E., Beppie van den Bogaerde, Roland Pfau and Trude Schermer (eds.), pp. 251–278 | Article
Crasborn, Onno A., Els van der Kooij and Johan Ros 2012 On the weight of phrase-final prosodic words in a sign languageNew Methodologies in Sign Language Phonology: Papers from TISLR 10, Brentari, Diane and Ronnie B. Wilbur (eds.), pp. 11–38 | Article
This article seeks to explore a prosodic explanation for the frequent occurrence of pointing signs phrase-finally. Corpus data from Sign Language of the Netherlands (NGT) show that indeed pointing signs occur highly frequently at the end of sentences, and an elicitation study shows that pointing… read more
Bank, Richard, Onno A. Crasborn and Roeland van Hout 2011 Variation in mouth actions with manual signs in Sign Language of the Netherlands (NGT)Sign Language & Linguistics 14:2, pp. 248–270 | Article
Mouthings and mouth gestures are omnipresent in Sign Language of the Netherlands (NGT). Mouthings in NGT commonly have their origin in spoken Dutch. We conducted a corpus study to explore how frequent mouthings in fact are in NGT, whether there is variation within and between signs in mouthings,… read more
Sande, Inge van de and Onno A. Crasborn 2009 Lexically bound mouth actions in Sign Language of the Netherlands: A comparison between different registers and age groupsLinguistics in the Netherlands 2009, Botma, Bert and Jacqueline van Kampen (eds.), pp. 78–90 | Article
Crasborn, Onno A., Els van der Kooij, Dafydd Waters, Bencie Woll and Johanna Mesch 2008 Frequency distribution and spreading behavior of different types of mouth actions in three sign languagesSign Language & Linguistics 11:1, pp. 45–67 | Article
In this paper, we present a comparative study of mouth actions in three European sign languages: British Sign Language (BSL), Nederlandse Gebarentaal (Sign Language of the Netherlands, NGT), and Swedish Sign Language (SSL). We propose a typology for, and report the frequency distribution of, the… read more
Crasborn, Onno A. 2007 How to recognise a sentence when you see oneIdentifying sentences in signed languages, Crasborn, Onno A. (ed.), pp. 103–111 | Article
This introduction outlines the general theme of this issue of Sign Language & Linguistics: the identification of sentences and sentence boundaries in signed languages. First, several definitions of and perspectives on the unit ‘sentence’ stemming from the linguistic literature are discussed.… read more
Crasborn, Onno A., Johanna Mesch, Dafydd Waters, Annika Nonhebel, Els van der Kooij, Bencie Woll and Brita Bergman 2007 Sharing sign language data online: Experiences from the ECHO projectInternational Journal of Corpus Linguistics 12:4, pp. 535–562 | Article
This article describes how new technological possibilities allow sign language researchers to share and publish video data and transcriptions online. Both linguistic and technological aspects of creating and publishing a sign language corpus are discussed, and standards are proposed for both… read more
Vermeerbergen, Myriam, Lorraine Leeson and Onno A. Crasborn 2007 Simultaneity in Signed Languages.: A String of Sequentially Organised IssuesSimultaneity in Signed Languages: Form and function, Vermeerbergen, Myriam, Lorraine Leeson and Onno A. Crasborn (eds.), pp. 1–25 | Article
Crasborn, Onno A. 2006 A linguistic analysis of the use of the two hands in sign language poetryLinguistics in the Netherlands 2006, Weijer, Jeroen van de and Bettelou Los (eds.), pp. 65–77 | Article
Crasborn, Onno A. and Els van der Kooij 2003 Base joint configuration in Sign Language of the Netherlands: Phonetic variation and phonological specificationThe Phonological Spectrum: Volume I: Segmental structure, Weijer, Jeroen van de, Vincent J. van Heuven and Harry van der Hulst (eds.), pp. 257–287 | Article
Crasborn, Onno A., Harry van der Hulst and Els van der Kooij 2001 SignPhon: A phonological database for sign languagesSign Transcription and Database Storage of Sign Information, Bergman, Brita, Penny Boyes Braem, Thomas Hanke and Elena Antinoro Pizzuto (eds.), pp. 215–228 | Article
This paper describes the SignPhon database, a tool for phonological research. The history and goal of the project are outlined, and the database is briefly compared to other projects like HamNoSys and SignStream. We present the structure of the database and an overview of the fields that are… read more
Crasborn, Onno A. and Els van der Kooij 1997 Relative Orientation in Sign Language PhonologyLinguistics in the Netherlands 1997, Coerts, Jane A. and Helen de Hoop (eds.), pp. 37–48 | Article