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Juge, Matthew L. 2013 Defectiveness and deponency in diachronyDiachronica 30:1, pp. 123–134 | Article
Analogy is often seen as a force that restores morphological patterns disrupted by regular sound change, but analogy also plays a nearly unexamined role in the creation of the most extreme kind of irregularity – suppletion. Fisterran Galician ir ‘go’ has analogical past imperfective forms based on… read more
The Catalan periphrastic perfective past is a so-called “go” past: Vaig cantar, lit. “I-go to-sing”, “I sang” vs. Vaig allà, lit. “I-go there”, “I go there”. Its semantic development has been much discussed, but it presents morphological issues as well. Previous analyses ignore key morphological… read more
Researchers investigating the Spanish word mismo and its Catalan congener mateix have traditionally focused exclusively on phonological issues, ignoring a number of worthy semantic topics. In this paper I explore the polysemy patterns of these forms in a cross-linguistic perspective. I argue that… read more