Christian J. Rapold

List of John Benjamins publications for which Christian J. Rapold plays a role.


Rapold, Christian J. 2014 Areal and inherited aspects of compound verbs in KhoekhoeBeyond ‘Khoisan’: Historical relations in the Kalahari Basin, Güldemann, Tom and Anne-Maria Fehn (eds.), pp. 153–180
Verb compounding in Khoekhoe, a branch of the Khoe family, has been claimed to be directly related to similar constructions in the Tuu family. Compound verbs are also found in the other primary branch of Khoe, Kalahari Khoe. In this paper I argue that verb compounding in both Khoe branches is… read more | Article
Rapold, Christian J. 2012 The encoding of placement and removal events in Ākhoe HaiomEvents of Putting and Taking: A crosslinguistic perspective, Kopecka, Anetta and Bhuvana Narasimhan (eds.), pp. 79–98
This paper explores the semantics of placement and removal verbs in Ākhoe Haiom based on event descriptions elicited with a set of video stimuli. After a brief sketch of the morphosyntax of placement/removal constructions in Ākhoe Haiom, four situation types are identified semantically that… read more | Article
Rapold, Christian J. 2011 3. Semantics of Khoekhoe reciprocal constructionsReciprocals and Semantic Typology, Evans, Nicholas, Alice Gaby, Stephen C. Levinson and Asifa Majid (eds.), pp. 61–74
This paper identifies four reciprocal construction types in Khoekhoe (Central Khoisan). After a brief description of the morphosyntax of each construction, semantic factors governing their choice are explored. Besides lexical semantics, the number of participants, timing of symmetric subevents, and… read more | Article
Rapold, Christian J. 2010 Beneficiary and other roles of the dative in TashelhiytBenefactives and Malefactives: Typological perspectives and case studies, Zúñiga, Fernando and Seppo Kittilä (eds.), pp. 351–376
This paper explores the semantics of the dative in Tashelhiyt, a Berber language from Morocco. After a brief morphosyntactic overview of the dative in this language, I identify a wide range of its semantic roles, including possessor, experiencer, distributive and unintending causer. I arrange these… read more | Article
Widlok, Thomas, Christian J. Rapold and Gertie Hoymann 2008 Multimedia analysis in documentation projects: Kinship, interrogatives and reciprocals in ǂ Akhoe Hai ǁ omLessons from Documented Endangered Languages, Harrison, K. David, David S. Rood and Arienne Dwyer (eds.), pp. 355–370
This contribution emphasizes the role of multimedia data not only for archiving languages but also for creating opportunities for innovative analyses. In the case at hand, video material was collected as part of the documentation of Akhoe Haiom, a Khoisan language spoken in northern Namibia. The… read more | Article