Geoffrey L. Bursill-Hall

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De Ortu Grammaticae: Studies in medieval grammar and linguistic theory in memory of Jan Pinborg

Edited by Geoffrey L. Bursill-Hall, Sten Ebbesen and E.F.K. Koerner †

Subjects Classical linguistics | Classical philosophy | History of linguistics | Medieval linguistics | Medieval philosophy
Subjects History of linguistics | Medieval linguistics | Syntax


Bursill-Hall, Geoffrey L. and Sten Ebbesen 1990 IntroductionDe Ortu Grammaticae: Studies in medieval grammar and linguistic theory in memory of Jan Pinborg, Bursill-Hall, Geoffrey L., Sten Ebbesen and E.F.K. Koerner † (eds.), pp. 1 ff. | Miscellaneous
Bursill-Hall, Geoffrey L. 1989 Medieval Priscian commentaries: Introduction and bibliographyHistoriographia Linguistica 16:1/2, pp. 89–130 | Miscellaneous
Bursill-Hall, Geoffrey L. 1981 Medieval donatus commentariesHistoriographia Linguistica 8:1, pp. 69–97 | Article
The rich treasure-house of unedited grammatical material, some of which has already been reported, held in various manuscript collections dating from the Middle Ages contains a number of versions of the grammatical works of Donatus and more than 200 commentaries, most of them anonymous, on… read more
Bursill-Hall, Geoffrey L. 1980 IntroductionThe History of Grammar in the Middle Ages: Collected Papers, Hunt, Richard William (1908–1979), pp. IX ff. | Miscellaneous
Bursill-Hall, Geoffrey L. 1979 Johannes De Garlandia: Additional Manuscript MaterialHistoriographia Linguistica 6:1, pp. 77–86 | Miscellaneous
Grammar enjoyed a privileged position in the medieval curriculum; along with the other members of the Trivium it provided a thorough foundation which probably accounts for much of the intellectual success of the medieval schoolmen. This article discusses the material used in the Middle Ages for… read more
John of Garland (fl. early 13th century) was a prolific writer of grammatical treatises and teaching texts and yet he has been almost completely neglected by the historian of linguistics. He was however recognised in his own day and for some time afterwards as a scholar and teacher of some… read more