Karel van der Waarde

List of John Benjamins publications for which Karel van der Waarde plays a role.



The development of information about medicines for patients in the last thirty years provides a fascinating information design case study. Throughout this period three main principles have remained stable: an absolute focus on patients, performance based design, and a thorough design process.… read more
Waarde, Karel van der 2018 A personal viewInformation Design Journal 24:1, pp. 80–84 | Article
Waarde, Karel van der 2016 The design of information on Ibuprofen: A minor headache?Information Design Journal 22:3, pp. 281–297 | Article
This article shows and describes the information about an ordinary pain killer—Ibuprofen—presented in medicine packaging, labels and leaflets. The article discusses both the contents and design, and questions whether this combination of information is the most appropriate way to communicate with a… read more
Waarde, Karel van der 2014 IDC 2014: Information Design MattersInformation Design Journal 21:1, pp. 83–84 | Article
Waarde, Karel van der 2014 EditorialInformation Design Journal 21:3, pp. 186–188 | Article
This article is based on a presentation given at the IIID Vision Plus 12 conference ‘Achieving measurable results’ in Schwarzenberg, Austria in 2006. The following text provides an outline of a single perspective on the circumstances in 2008. There are many stakeholders involved in the development… read more
Westendorp, Piet and Karel van der Waarde 2003 Editorial: From avionics to aviation information architectureInformation Design Journal 11:1, pp. 1–3 | Miscellaneous
Westendorp, Piet and Karel van der Waarde 2003 EditorialInformation Design Journal 11:2/3, pp. 103–105 | Miscellaneous
Westendorp, Piet and Karel van der Waarde 2001 Icons: Support or substitute?Theme: Pictograms, pp. 91–94 | Article
Westendorp, Piet and Karel van der Waarde 2001 Editorial introductionTheme: Bertin; Conference: Vision +6, pp. 1–3 | Article