Robert Waller

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This paper goes back to the 1970s, the decade when IDJ was born, to recall a collaboration with Marie Neurath of the Isotype Institute. The project challenged a widely published research project on Isotype charts by psychologist Magdalen Vernon, and the original sketches and design drafts are… read more
Waller, Robert and Stephanie VandenBerg 2017 A one-day transformation project for overdose emergency kitsHealth Information Design, Noël, Guillermina (ed.), pp. 319–333 | Article
Waller, Robert 2010 Borries Schwesinger. The Form BookHealthcare Information, Simlinger, Peter (ed.), pp. 275–278 | Review
Waller, Robert 2007 Comparing typefaces for airport signsInformation Design Journal 15:1, pp. 1–15 | Article
This study combined three research methodologies to inform the choice of a typeface for signs at London’s Heathrow Airport. The methodologies were legibility testing, qualitative consumer research, and expert review. The study showed that, contrary to a number of expert predictions, the serifed… read more
Delin, Judy, Abi Searle-Jones and Robert Waller 2006 Branding and relationship communications: The evolution of utility bills in the UKInformation and Document Design: Varieties on Recent Research, Carliner, Saul, Jan Piet Verckens and Cathy de Waele (eds.), pp. 27–59 | Article
Macdonald-Ross, Michael and Robert Waller 2000 The transformer revisitedInformation Design Journal 9:2/3, pp. 177–193 | Article
Written in 1974 while the authors were with the Open University, this paper first appeared in the 1976 Penrose Annual. The original abstract, written by the Penrose editor, read: Break down the barriers in the interests of the reader. Take responsibility for the success or failure of the… read more
Waller, Robert 1998 Karen A. SchriverInformation Design Journal 9:1, pp. 80–83 | Review
Waller, Robert 1993 Language and typographyInformation Design Journal 7:1, pp. 91–92 | Review
Waller, Robert 1991 Two books on written languageInformation Design Journal 6:3, pp. 241–242 | Article
Waller, Robert 1986 What electronic books will have to be better thanInformation Design Journal 5:1, pp. 72–75 | Miscellaneous
Waller, Robert 1986 SortsInformation Design Journal 4:3, pp. 241–242 | Miscellaneous
Waller, Robert 1986 The phone BookInformation Design Journal 4:3, pp. 239–240 | Miscellaneous
Waller, Robert 1984 David Sless, Learning and visual communicationInformation Design Journal 4:2, pp. 163–164 | Review
Waller, Robert 1984 Designing a government form: A case studyInformation Design Journal 4:1, pp. 36–57 | Article
This paper describes a case history of the design of a government form. In particular, three kinds of problem are identified and discussed: contextual problems of relevance and interpretation; problems of reading sequence and conditional branching instructions; and a range of typographic problems.… read more
Waller, Robert 1984 Tourist guides—a consumer testInformation Design Journal 4:2, pp. 154–160 | Miscellaneous
Waller, Robert 1982 Design reviewInformation Design Journal 3:2, pp. 148–150 | Review
Waller, Robert and Susan Batten 1982 Literature updateInformation Design Journal 3:2, pp. 157–164 | Miscellaneous
Waller, Robert 1981 Literature updateInformation Design Journal 2:1, pp. 70–71 | Miscellaneous
Waller, Robert 1980 Literature updateInformation Design Journal 1:4, pp. 281–283 | Miscellaneous
Waller, Robert 1980 Tom Vernon, GobbledegookInformation Design Journal 1:4, p.  | Review
Waller, Robert 1979 Literature UpdateInformation Design Journal 1:2, pp. 142–144 | Miscellaneous
Although functional objectives have concerned designers for many years, and psychologists have published research on issues related to graphic design, fruitful cooperation between the two specialisms has only rarely been achieved. In this paper it is suggested that the traditional objectives and… read more
Waller, Robert 1979 John Ryder, The Case for LegibilityInformation Design Journal 1:2, pp. 140–141 | Review