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Subjects Contact Linguistics | Creole studies | Historical linguistics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


Mous, Maarten and Chrispina Alphonce 2024 Chapter 11. Constructions with verbal nouns in IraqwPredication in African Languages, Essegbey, James and Enoch O. Aboh (eds.), pp. 286–313 | Chapter
Iraqw has a number of morphological means to derive nouns from verbs. All of these can develop specific meanings but it is the nominalisation that expresses the action of the verb that allows for the expression of arguments, irrespective of the actual nominalisation morpheme. These arguments… read more
Mous, Maarten 2020 Transfer of Swahili ‘until’ in contact with East African languagesAdvances in Contact Linguistics: In honour of Pieter Muysken, Smith, Norval, Tonjes Veenstra and Enoch O. Aboh (eds.), pp. 217–234 | Chapter
Swahili has transformed the noun mpaka ‘boundary, border’ into a function word ‘until’, which has successfully spread to many other East African languages with locative and temporal readings. The grammaticalisation originated in a N-N construction without an associative ‘of’ interpreted as… read more
Barasa, Sandra Nekesa and Maarten Mous 2017 Engsh, a Kenyan middle class youth language parallel to ShengJournal of Pidgin and Creole Languages 32:1, pp. 48–74 | Article
Youth ‘languages’ are an important topic of research in the domain of linguistic change through language contact because the change is rapid and observable and also because the social dimension of change is inevitably present. Engsh, as a youth language in Kenya expresses not only modernity and… read more
Mous, Maarten 2008 Number as an exponent of gender in CushiticInteraction of Morphology and Syntax: Case studies in Afroasiatic, Frajzyngier, Zygmunt and Erin Shay (eds.), pp. 137–160 | Article
Mous, Maarten 2006 Selectors in CushiticStudies in African Linguistic Typology, Voeltz, F.K. Erhard (ed.), pp. 303–325 | Article
Mous, Maarten 2004 5. The grammar of conjunctive and disjunctive coordination in IraqwCoordinating Constructions, Haspelmath, Martin (ed.), pp. 109–122 | Chapter
1.Introduction 2. Basic properties of nee ‘and’ and laqáa ‘or’ 3. Coordination in noun phrases 3.1 Coordinated noun phrase as a unit 3.2 Coordinated modifiers as a unit 4. Agreement 5. Word category and origin read more
Mous, Maarten 2003 Loss of linguistic diversity in AfricaLanguage Death and Language Maintenance: Theoretical, practical and descriptive approaches, Janse, Mark and Sijmen Tol (eds.), pp. 157–170 | Article
Mous, Maarten 2001 4. Paralexification in language intertwiningCreolization and Contact, Smith, Norval and Tonjes Veenstra (eds.), pp. 113 ff. | Article
Mous, Maarten 1997 The e/a Alternation in Mbugu: The Limits of AllomorphyLinguistics in the Netherlands 1997, Coerts, Jane A. and Helen de Hoop (eds.), pp. 123–134 | Article
Hulst, Harry van der and Maarten Mous 1992 Transparent consonantsLinguistics in the Netherlands 1992, Bok-Bennema, Reineke and Roeland van Hout (eds.), pp. 101–112 | Article