Showqi Bahumaid

List of John Benjamins publications for which Showqi Bahumaid plays a role.


Bahumaid, Showqi 2011 Palumbo, Giuseppe: Key Terms in Translation Studies.Babel 57:2, pp. 236–238 | Review
Bahumaid, Showqi 2006 Collocation in English-Arabic TranslationBabel 52:2, pp. 133–152 | Article
Abstract Collocation is considered one of the major ‘trouble spots’ for translators. This may be ascribed to the relative difficulty in predicting the constituent elements of a collocation, the considerag ble variation in collocability across languages and the lack of adequate resources on… read more
Bahumaid, Showqi 1994 Terminological problems in ArabicLanguage, Discourse and Translation in the West and Middle East, Beaugrande, Robert de, Abdullah Shunnaq and Mohamed Helmy Heliel (eds.), pp. 133 ff. | Article