Juan Carlos Moreno Cabrera

List of John Benjamins publications for which Juan Carlos Moreno Cabrera plays a role.


Moreno Cabrera, Juan Carlos. 2022. This is not a pipe: Iconicity in Magritte’s language paintings. Iconicity in Cognition and across Semiotic Systems, Lenninger, Sara, Olga Fischer, Christina Ljungberg and Elżbieta Tabakowska (eds.), pp. 193–212
A significant part of René Magritte’s pictorial work is devoted to the challenging relationships between images and written words. In this paper, I will look into two series of Magritte’s language paintings addressing these relationships: The Treachery of Images (also known as This is not a… read more | Chapter
Moreno Cabrera, Juan Carlos. 2017. Continuity and change: On the iconicity of Ablaut Reduplication (AR). Dimensions of Iconicity, Zirker, Angelika, Matthias Bauer, Olga Fischer and Christina Ljungberg (eds.), pp. 63–84
Ablaut Reduplication (AR), as in see-saw, knick-knack, is frequently used in different languages to mimic movement. In this paper, I will discuss its possible iconic interpretations. Following and developing an idea originally suggested by Thun (1963: 75–87), I will show that AR is associated with… read more | Chapter
Moreno Cabrera, Juan Carlos. 1998. On the relationship Between Grammaticalization and Lexicalization. The Limits of Grammaticalization, Giacalone Ramat, Anna and Paul J. Hopper (eds.), pp. 211–227
Moreno Cabrera, Juan Carlos. 1993. “Make” and the semantic origins of causativity: a typological study. Causatives and Transitivity, Comrie, Bernard and Maria Polinsky (eds.), pp. 155 ff.