Laura A. Michaelis

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Koutsoukos, Nikos and Laura A. Michaelis 2020 Pleonastic complex words as functional amalgamsThe Wealth and Breadth of Construction-Based Research, Colleman, Timothy, Frank Brisard, Astrid De Wit, Renata Enghels, Nikos Koutsoukos, Tanja Mortelmans and María Sol Sansiñena (eds.), pp. 199–212 | Article
Syntactic amalgams are innovative phrasal constructions that combine otherwise incompatible subparts of other constructions (Lambrecht 1988; Brenier and Michaelis 2005). We describe pleonastic formations like flavorize in English and ψηλαφ-ίζ(ω) [psilafízo] ‘palpate’ in Modern Greek as functional… read more
Gould, Kevin M. and Laura A. Michaelis 2018 Match, mismatch, and envisioning transfer events: How verbal constructional bias and lexical-class concord shape motor simulation effectsAsymmetries, Mismatches and Construction Grammar, Koutsoukos, Nikos, Kristel Van Goethem and Hendrik De Smet (eds.), pp. 234–268 | Article
Prior studies suggest that language users perform motoric simulations when construing action sentences and that verbs and constructions each contribute to simulation-based representation (Glenberg & Kaschak 2002; Richardson et al. 2003; Bergen et al. 2007; Bergen & Wheeler 2010). This raises the… read more
Michaelis, Laura A. and Hanbing Feng 2015 What is this, sarcastic syntax?On the Interaction of Constructions with Register and Genre, Fischer, Kerstin and Kiki Nikiforidou (eds.), pp. 148–180 | Article
This study considers sarcasm as a linguistic genre, and explores the use of constructions to capture conventions of sarcastic speech. It does so by examining the English Split Interrogative (SI), e.g., What are you, a senior?, What is this, Spain? We argue that lexical, syntactic and semantic… read more
Ruppenhofer, Josef and Laura A. Michaelis 2014 Frames and the interpretation of omitted arguments in EnglishPerspectives on Linguistic Structure and Context: Studies in honor of Knud Lambrecht, Katz Bourns, Stacey and Lindsy L. Myers (eds.), pp. 57–86 | Article
Despite the idiosyncratic properties of null-complement phenomena observed by Fillmore (1986), Lambrecht and Lemoine (2005), and others, many researchers have pursued large-scope, single-factor explanations of the distributional and interpretive restrictions on null complements – in particular,… read more
Authors like Fillmore 1986 and Goldberg 2006 have made a strong case for regarding argument omission in English as a lexical and construction-based affordance rather than one based on general semantico-pragmatic constraints. They do not, however, address the question of how grammatical… read more
Michaelis, Laura A. and Hartwell S. Francis 2007 Lexical subjects and the conflation strategyThe Grammar–Pragmatics Interface: Essays in honor of Jeanette K. Gundel, Hedberg, Nancy and Ron Zacharski (eds.), pp. 19–48 | Article
Michaelis, Laura A. 2005 Entity and event coercion in a symbolic theory of syntaxConstruction Grammars: Cognitive grounding and theoretical extensions, Östman, Jan-Ola and Mirjam Fried (eds.), pp. 45–88 | Chapter
Michaelis, Laura A. 1994 A Case of Constructional Polysemy in LatinStudies in Language 18:1, pp. 45–70 | Article
In this paper, I will examine the syntactic and semantic properties of a Latin correlative construction, the so-called comparative conditional. I will investigate the extent to which this construction inherits its formal and interpretive features from constructions needed independently in the… read more
Michaelis, Laura A. 1992 On deviant case-marking in LatinAdvances in Role and Reference Grammar, Van Valin Jr., Robert D. (ed.), pp. 311 ff. | Article