Brauli Montoya Abat

List of John Benjamins publications for which Brauli Montoya Abat plays a role.


Mas Miralles, Antoni and Brauli Montoya Abat 2022 Chapter 14. The linguistic transmission of Catalan: Current state of affairs and analysisCatalan Sociolinguistics: State of the art and future challenges, Pradilla Cardona, Miquel Àngel (ed.), pp. 195–206 | Chapter
This article is divided into three parts. Firstly, the introduction deals with the need to regard transmission, which includes interruption and revernacularisation, as a process that is essential for understanding the sociolinguistic reality of a language. This analysis is based on the… read more
Montoya Abat, Brauli 2009 8. Phonological features of attrition: The shift from Catalan to Spanish in AlicanteVariation in Indigenous Minority Languages, Stanford, James N. and Dennis R. Preston (eds.), pp. 211–227 | Article
This paper examines phonological attrition from a variationist viewpoint in an urban speech community where the target language is a marginalized one. This language is Catalan, the major speaking area of which is dominated by Spanish. Fieldwork is based on a sample of 69 subjects representing the… read more