Ilse Zimmermann

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ilse Zimmermann plays a role.


Zimmermann, Ilse. 2016. Phonological, morphosyntactic and semantic properties of es. Inner-sentential Propositional Proforms: Syntactic properties and interpretative effects, Frey, Werner, André Meinunger and Kerstin Schwabe (eds.), pp. 147–170
The contribution deals with the German multifunctional item es and its suppletive forms dessen, dem and da(r). Their phonological, morphosyntactic and semantic lexical properties are considered and represented in corresponding lexical entries. The focus of attention is on the interrelation of the… read more | Article
Zimmermann, Ilse. 1993. The Syntax of “Possessor” Phrases. The Parametrization of Universal Grammar, Fanselow, Gisbert (ed.), pp. 201 ff.