Elaine Tarone

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Interlanguage: Forty years later

Edited by ZhaoHong Han and Elaine Tarone

[Language Learning & Language Teaching, 39] 2014. vii, 255 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics | Language acquisition | Language teaching | Multilingualism


Tarone, Elaine and Colleen Meyers 2018 Chapter 9. The Mirroring Project: Improving suprasegmentals and intelligibility in ESL presentationsSpeaking in a Second Language, Alonso, Rosa Alonso (ed.), pp. 197–223
The Mirroring Project (Lindgren et al., 2003; Meyers, 2013, 2014) is a pedagogical option helping those who speak in a second language to improve their intelligibility in a holistic, context-sensitive way. Longitudinal, video-recorded evidence shows how the suprasegmental phonology of one adult… read more | Chapter
Han, ZhaoHong and Elaine Tarone 2014 IntroductionInterlanguage: Forty years later, Han, ZhaoHong and Elaine Tarone (eds.), pp. 1–6
Tarone, Elaine 2014 Chapter 1. Enduring questions from the Interlanguage HypothesisInterlanguage: Forty years later, Han, ZhaoHong and Elaine Tarone (eds.), pp. 7–26
This chapter claims that the Interlanguage Hypothesis is best understood, not as a theory of second language acquisition (SLA), but as a set of questions that motivate divergent answers and research programs. Selinker’s (1972) basic question is whether there is a linguistic system that underlies… read more | Chapter
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Blanco-Iglesias, Susana, Juaquina Broner and Elaine Tarone 1995 Observations of language use in Spanish immersion classroom interactionsThe Current State of Interlanguage: Studies in honor of William E. Rutherford, Eubank, Lynn, Larry Selinker and Michael Sharwood Smith (eds.), pp. 241 ff.
Gundel, Jeanette K. and Elaine Tarone 1992 Language Transfer and the Acquisition of Pronominal AnaphoraLanguage Transfer in Language Learning: Revised edition, Gass, Susan M. and Larry Selinker (eds.), pp. 87 ff.