Tomáš Kos

List of John Benjamins publications for which Tomáš Kos plays a role.


This article reports a small classroom-based study that has explored task-based peer interactions among grade 9 secondary school students (N = 14) of middle and low relative proficiency. Drawing primarily on audio recordings of peer interactions, oral presentations, and post-task interviews, and… read more
Grounded in the sociocultural theoretical framework, this study compared peer interaction among same-grade (similar proficiency) and different grade (different proficiency) pairs in terms of patterns of interaction established and learning opportunities that such interactions afford. The same… read more
An increasing number of primary schools, mainly in western European countries, have established mixed-age (M‑A) classrooms due to the belief of the teaching community in the pedagogical and social benefits of this approach. In the area of foreign language teaching, the M‑A approach has gained… read more