Debbie G.E. Ho

List of John Benjamins publications for which Debbie G.E. Ho plays a role.


Ho, Debbie G.E., Alex Henry and Sharifah N.H. Alkaff. 2012. “You don’t seem to know how to work”: Malay and English spoken complaints in Brunei. Pragmatics 22:3, pp. 391–416
This study aims firstly to compare the complaints of local native-Malay speakers and expatriate native-English speakers in Brunei in terms of move structure and levels of directness combined with the frequency of modality markers; and secondly, it attempts to address the relationship between polite… read more | Article
This paper explores the possibility of expanding the focus group interview into the field of English as a Second Language (ESL), where this research methodology is yet to be thoroughly explored. Specifically, it aims to challenge popular criticisms about the reliability and validity of the focus… read more | Article