Jonathan Grainger

List of John Benjamins publications for which Jonathan Grainger plays a role.


Grainger, Jonathan and Thomas Hannagan. 2014. What is special about orthographic processing?. The architecture of writing systems, Berg, Kristian, Franziska Buchmann and Nanna Fuhrhop (eds.), pp. 225–252
Starting from a generic architecture for reading words in alphabetic scripts, we examine the special status of letters as the building block of single word reading. After briefly describing the overall architecture that defines the interaction between orthographic and phonological processes during… read more | Article
Grainger, Jonathan, Katherine Midgley and Phillip J. Holcomb. 2010. Chapter 14. Re-thinking the bilingual interactive-activation model from a developmental perspective (BIA-d). Language Acquisition across Linguistic and Cognitive Systems, Kail, Michèle and Maya Hickmann † (eds.), pp. 267–283
A large body of empirical research, accumulated over the last twenty years, has set the foundations for a generic model of word comprehension in relatively fluent bilinguals (the bilingual interactive-activation (BIA) model). This approach combines an initial language non-selective access process… read more | Article
Grainger, Jonathan. 1993. Visual Word Recognition in Bilinguals. The Bilingual Lexicon, Schreuder, Robert and Bert Weltens (eds.), pp. 11 ff.