Marjon Grendel

List of John Benjamins publications for which Marjon Grendel plays a role.


Grendel, Marjon, Bert Weltens and Kees de Bot 1993 Language Attrition: Rise and Fall of a Research Topic?Dutch contributions to AILA '93: Selected in honour of Johan Matter, pp. 59–68 | Article
Weltens, Bert and Marjon Grendel 1993 Attrition of Vocabulary KnowledgeThe Bilingual Lexicon, Schreuder, Robert and Bert Weltens (eds.), pp. 135 ff. | Article
Weltens, Bert en Marjon Grendel 1989 Taal Verlies en Woordherkenning in Het FransLexicon en taalverwerving, pp. 76–80 | Article
The results of a recently completed research project into the retention of receptive skills in French by students and ex-students of the highest type of Dutch secondary education, VWO, showed that these skills hardly decrease during a period of four years after course completion. The fact that… read more