Priscilla Heynderickx

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Localization and Interculturality

Edited by Maria-Cornelia Wermuth and Priscilla Heynderickx

Special issue of The Journal of Internationalization and Localization 3:2 (2016) v, 100 pp.
Subjects Communication Studies | Language policy | Translation Studies


Heynderickx, Priscilla and Sylvain Dieltjens 2021 Chapter 6. Politics beyond death? An analysis of the obituaries of Belgian politiciansDiscourse Studies in Public Communication, Crespo-Fernández, Eliecer (ed.), pp. 129–148
Obituaries constitute interesting research material. Amongst other functions, they indicate how a society copes with death and the fear of dying. Obituaries reflect which personal and professional qualities the members of a particular culture or group in society consider important or relevant… read more | Chapter
The ambiguity of the we-referent in internal communication documents can make text interpretation difficult. We analyzed the 1999 issues of the ’Maxi Guide’, the weekly top-down briefing of a large Belgian distribution chain. In relational and hybrid texts in particular, the referent of the pronoun… read more | Article