David R. Olson

David R. Olson

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Writing and the Mind

Edited by David R. Olson and Marcelo Dascal †

Special issue of Pragmatics & Cognition 21:3 (2013) v, 148 pp.
Subjects Cognition and language | Cognitive psychology | Discourse studies | Philosophy | Pragmatics


Olson, David R. 2016. Modes of Discourse, Modes of Rationality. Or Words to That Effect: Orality and the writing of literary history, Chamberlain, Daniel F. and J. Edward Chamberlin (eds.), pp. 63–72
Olson, David R. 2013. Literacy and the languages of rationality. Writing and the Mind, Olson, David R. and Marcelo Dascal † (eds.), pp. 431–447
Literacy, specifically the use of writing for rational purposes, adds a new dimension to the traditional problem of the relation between language, thought and rationality. Central to rational thought are the logical relations expressed by such terms as “is”, “or”, “and” and “not”. Whereas some see… read more | Article
Olson, David R. and Marcelo Dascal †. 2013. Writing and the mind. Writing and the Mind, Olson, David R. and Marcelo Dascal † (eds.), pp. 425–430
This paper examines the claim that writing turns the implicit properties of spoken language into visible objects suited to reflection and analysis. It examines this hypothesis through an analysis of relational terms including ‘and’, ‘or’, and ‘not’, their meanings and uses in ordinary… read more | Article
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Writing bears an uncertain relation to speech. Either it is treated as a largely autonomous medium of communication or it is treated as a simple adjunct, cipher, image or record of speech. This paper offers a compromise arguing that writing exploits a special and distinctive property of speech,… read more | Article
Homer, Bruce and David R. Olson. 1999. Literacy and Children's Conception of Words. Written Language & Literacy 2:1, pp. 113–140
Children's development of metalinguistic awareness has typically been portrayed as a product of more general development processes, or else as a natural consequence of speaking a language. In contrast, we suggest that, at least for certain properties of speech, literacy plays an essential role in… read more | Article
While negatives are fundamental to the functioning of human languages and while they are acquired extremely early by children, there is some evidence that an aware-ness of the logical and representational functions of negation is late to develop and may depend in part on the invention of notational… read more | Article
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