Matthew S. Dryer

List of John Benjamins publications for which Matthew S. Dryer plays a role.


Dryer, Matthew S. 2013 On the Six-Way Word Order Typology, AgainStudies in Language 37:2, pp. 267–301
This paper responds to in Newmeyer (2004, 2005), who gives argument defending the traditional six-way word order typology that classifies languages as SOV, SVO, etc. against arguments in Dryer (1997) in favour of an alternative typology which classifies languages according to two more basic… read more | Article
Dryer, Matthew S. 2011 Noun-Modifi er Order in AfricaGeographical Typology and Linguistic Areas: With special reference to Africa, Hieda, Osamu, Christa König and Hiroshi Nakagawa (eds.), pp. 287–311
Dryer, Matthew S. 2009 Verb-object-negative order in central AfricaNegation Patterns in West African Languages and Beyond, Cyffer, Norbert, Erwin Ebermann and Georg Ziegelmeyer (eds.), pp. 307–362
Crosslinguistically, SVO languages most commonly place negative particles before the verb, employing SNegVO order. This paper documents an area in central Africa which deviates from this pattern, in which the negative follows the verb, typically occurring at the end of the clause, in… read more | Article
Dryer, Matthew S. 2004 Noun phrases without nounsGrounding and headedness in the noun phrase, Verstraete, Jean-Christophe (ed.), pp. 43–76
In this paper, I investigate the theoretical status of noun phrases without nouns, i.e. noun phrases that do not contain a noun or pronoun, but only words that otherwise occur as modifiers of nouns. I investigate six possible analyses for such noun phrases: (1) that they are elliptical, (2) that… read more | Article
Dryer, Matthew S. 1997 On the Six-Way Word Order TypologyStudies in Language 21:1, pp. 69–103
A number of arguments are given against the traditional word order typology based on the six types SOV, SVO, VSO, VOS, OVS, and OSV, and in favour of an alternative typology based on two binary parameters OV vs. VO and SV vs. VS. The arguments given include ones based on various advantages of… read more | Article
Dryer, Matthew S. 1997 Are Grammatical Relations Universal?Essays on Language Function and Language Type: Dedicated to T. Givón, Bybee, Joan L., John Haiman and Sandra A. Thompson (eds.), pp. 115 ff.
Dryer, Matthew S. 1995 Frequency and pragmatically unmarked word orderWord Order in Discourse, Downing, Pamela A. and Michael Noonan (eds.), pp. 105–135
Dryer, Matthew S. 1994 The discourse function of the Kutenei inverseVoice and Inversion, Givón, T. (ed.), pp. 65 ff.
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