Buket Öztekin

List of John Benjamins publications for which Buket Öztekin plays a role.


Bohnacker, Ute, Josefin Lindgren and Buket Öztekin 2022 Storytelling in bilingual Turkish-Swedish children: Effects of language, age and exposure on narrative macrostructureStorytelling: How organization of narratives is (not) affected by linguistic skills, Bohnacker, Ute and Natalia Gagarina (eds.), pp. 413–445 | Article
The empirical evidence for whether narrative macrostructure skills are shared between a bilingual child’s two languages is inconclusive, and it is not known how macrostructure (overall story structure) is influenced by general language proficiency and amount of exposure. The present study… read more
This study investigates story comprehension in 100 bilingual Turkish-Swedish children aged 4 to 7 years, growing up in Sweden with Turkish as their home language and Swedish as the societal language. Information about language development, exposure and other background factors was obtained via… read more